Choosing a web host that is good for your SEO?

 Choosing a web host that is good for your SEO?

Choosing a web host that is good for your SEO?
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Why is web hosting important for your SEO?

SEO web hosting has been neglected for a long time. Recently, experts in this field have started to emphasize the importance of web hosting over SEO. 

They replied that not paying enough attention to this critical factor can negatively affect the ranking and accessibility of their website. 

Additionally, web hosting determines the level of improvement and conversion rates for your site.

So this article explains why web hosting needs your attention if you expect better SEO for a website.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a service offered by hosting providers, who store websites on their servers. 

The server on which the website is stored (hosted) provides all the hosting resources necessary for the site to function on the Internet. Without web hosting, even a fully developed website will not be able to access via the internet. 

Therefore, to start an online business, you need unlimited domain hosting and web hosting from a reputable provider.

Why is web hosting important?

Once you have developed a website or thought about starting an online business, you need to make sure which web hosting company to choose. 

This choice determines the performance of the website on the Internet by ranking it in relation to search engine results. 

If you want your site to rank higher than other competitors, the focus should be on the web host first, such as MilesWeb's Windows Unlimited Hosting.

Web hosting features that affect SEO:

Now that you know that web hosting is important to your site's SEO performance, the next thing to come up is how to determine your web hosting settings.

So here are the explained features that affect your SEO:

Website speed

Broadband is a favorite aspect of all Internet users. Ideally, we see that the website should take no more than 3 seconds to load, once the request is made by its visitors. 

To be practical, it is understood that not everyone can reach this speed, but they can at least push themselves to get close. 

A slow website can never rank on any search engine because crawlers don't think it is suitable enough for users.

MilesWeb stores all the websites on the SSD server, which makes the site extremely fast. 

Therefore, high speed is guaranteed for all websites, regardless of the web hosting plan and the type of website you have.


Uptime refers to the percentage of time a website can be accessed on the Internet. High availability configuration ensures success. 

Therefore, when choosing a web host, you should not compromise on uptime. Any uptime below 99.9% is strictly prohibited as high downtime creates a problem with the server.

When search engine bots visit your site and it doesn't load, they go straight to the next one and tell the search engine that your site has a problem. 

Search engines keep this record and, after a few attempts, mark the site as "not useful" to users. 

This can lead to a site being banned from search engines and will never work again. 

Therefore, web hosting is an important aspect of SEO performance that speaks volumes.

Hosting server location

In addition to content marketing, search engine ranking also takes into account the location of the server where your website is hosted. The information is given in your IP address. 

This means that search engines always give your website an edge over other websites hosted on servers in a more remote location. If the server and user location are the same then your website SEO rank easily.

In other words, if a person in the UK searches for something on the internet and his website belongs to his industry and is hosted on a UK server, the search engine will serve your site on other sites. It also reduces latency and increases site speed.

Affordable accommodation packages

The hosting prices of each provider are different, therefore, choosing the one with the lowest cost and highest functionality is up to the user. 

May I suggest MilesWeb because they offer cheap hosting plans with full hosting features? 

If your hosting provider allows you to change or actualize your plans frequently, this is still a good option.

What does MilesWeb offer for your SEO?

To improve your SEO work activity, MilesWeb offers the following features with all of its hosting plans:

SSL certificate:

The SSL certificate built into each plan secured the website data. During data transmission, this data is encrypted by the SSL certificate so that no one can reveal the transferred confidential message. 

The SSL certificate also allows a website to rank higher in search engine results like Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Latest software:

The PHP and MySQL versions of the software are always automatically updated with the tool offered by MilesWeb. 

So that the user does not have to worry about delays in the versions and their installation process.

With these Free migrations, 1-click app installer, website builder, etc. are offered. for free.


Web hosting gained prominence in SEO performance when some experts presented real facts. 

MilesWeb is a trusted 24/7 web host for its clients and provides 99.95% uptime to ensure your website is accessible at all times.

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