Unique Ideas to make the apartment Beautiful
Unique Ideas to make the apartment Beautiful

A few days ago, on our way home from a delicious dinner and an impromptu escape game at Breakout Escape Rooms, my roommate and I stopped by a recently opened furniture store near the neighborhood. Of course, no purchase was made. 

We spent about 25 minutes looking through the large window, sighing with the desire for an L-shaped sofa, fully aware that our apartment does not have space to accommodate anything larger than a maximum two-seater sofa.

Living in an apartment, you quickly realize how easy it is to run out of space.  With the limited area of ​​carpet available in standard apartments these days, all empty spaces are quickly filled with essentials. 

And before you know it, poof! These are your dreams of turning your living space into a live Pinterest board.

But there are ways out of a cramped and cluttered apartment. And no, it doesn't mean investing in bigger real estate. All you need is a little organization and some of these tricks:

1. Use light and contrasting colors to decorate your apartment


Using light and contrasting color shades is a proven technique to make your apartment more spacious by creating an optical illusion in the collector.


The light-painted walls also make the interiors much brighter. The reflective nature of the lighter colors makes the space much more open and airy. 

On the other hand, using a shade of dark colors will naturally absorb the maximum amount of light and thus make your apartment much smaller and congested.


If you're not sure which color to choose, remember that off-white, pastel blues, or muted greens will never hurt. Go ahead and pick up samples at your nearest paint store!

2. Enjoy creative lighting in your apartment


It is a known fact that natural lighting can open up your apartment, making it appear much larger. 

However, if natural light is not an option for you, you can always opt for lighting fixtures to add a creative effect to your apartment.

Choose lights that are not too old because they automatically age the atmosphere in your room. Warm lights tend to create a warm atmosphere, while cool-toned lights seem too artificial. 

So choosing neutral lights is the best way to compensate for the lack of natural light in your room.

3. Keep your apartment organized!

An always dirty and messy apartment will always look small, no matter how much space it has. Therefore, it is very important to keep your apartment tidy. 

Get storage boxes and organizing supplies and sort them out! Remember the holy word of Marie Kondo: if she does not awaken joy, it is time to let her go.

The same goes for the walls of your apartment. No matter how appealing hugging those walls with multiple posters may seem at first, remember it will only make your apartment smaller. 

Therefore, do not cover all of your walls with large pictures or posters. Instead, choose just one side as your accent wall and add all your personal touches. 

Creates a nice contrast and adds character to your space without altering the openness of your appearance.


Get neutral-colored rugs for your floors with muted patterns. Also, make sure that the carpet does not cover the entire floor. 

Carpets that are too noisy or cover the entire floor covering tend to have a visual shrinkage effect.

4. Create a focal point in your apartment.


Having simple accent furniture that can serve as the focal point of your apartment can help you create the illusion of a larger apartment.

It's easy to identify the focus point in your rooms. While it's your bedroom bed, it's your dining room table, and so on. Once you've identified the star for each part of your living space, clean it out as much as possible. 

You can do this by pointing to or moving the rest of the furniture in that room to its focal point. Also, keep the room decor minimal so the focus isn't on anything else.


5. Use mirrors to decorate your apartment

Using mirrors to decorate your apartment can also help create the illusion of more space. Makes your room appear much larger and more open.

If possible, place the mirror directly in front of your central light source in the room. 

In this way, it can reflect light and make your space even brighter. Opt for full-length mirrors for your bedroom and large decorative wall mirrors for other spaces. They do the job quite well.

6. Use creative and innovative furniture

Without a doubt, choosing the perfect furniture to spruce up your apartment can go a long way in making your apartment spacious. 

You can easily get smart storage furniture specially designed to optimize small spaces. 

Look for versatile furniture like sofas and beds with wardrobes, folding dining tables, and disappearing desk beds.

These pieces may cost you more than traditional furniture, but the way they help you make the most of your apartment's limited space is well worth it.

 7. Rearrange the existing furniture in your room.

The design of your room is the fundamental deciding factor of the space or clutter of your place. 

Look up tutorials on YouTube and get organized! Although the layouts differ based on the shape of the rooms, here are some more general rules: Put all your larger pieces of furniture against the walls. 

Use half partitions instead of full partitions for privacy without restricting the room, and move your bed to locate where it is not in a straight line with the front door.

8. Delimit Spaces

When you are a tenant or are on a budget, you often find yourself signing a lease on a space that is not ideally designed. Maybe you don't really have an entryway, or your "dining room" is just a space outside of the kitchen.

There are so many ingenious ways to delineate space! Strategically position your couch and couch table to create a living room where you don't have one. Use shelves or screens for the "walls."

Use wallpaper or different paint colors to indicate where one room "ends" and another begins. If you live in a studio, buy (or make) an extra-large headboard and use it to mark the edge of your bedroom.

9. Get beautiful window treatments

Maybe it's just a personal preference, but I find that dirty old vinyl blinds make any space less beautiful, even if it is furnished with super expensive furniture!

When I added plush velvet curtains to my living room, my $ 90 Craigslist sofa was suddenly amazing! 

And you don't have to spend tons of money on curtains. Here's a great list of ways to make fancy and inexpensive DIY window treatments!

10. Cover up the ugly

Budget apartments tend to have character. And by "character" I mean "windows in the shower, avocado green refrigerators paired with mustard yellow stoves or a giant brown 70's air conditioner mounted in the middle of your living room wall. ".

11. Dude, just cover that.

Dark and unpleasant views with a "matte" window. Hang large works of art in dilapidated air conditioners/fuse boxes/plaster.

If you can't do anything about the color of the appliances in your rental kitchen or the color of the tiles in your rental bathroom, find ways to incorporate those colors into your d├ęcor. I find that if you paint everything in white and then add some artwork that incorporates the colors in question, things flow quite well!


Countries around the world, especially in East Asia and the Scandinavian regions, have made tremendous strides in innovation and design to make the most of their smaller living spaces.

You can research the apartment layouts of these locations for more inspiration and a better visual understanding of the concepts.

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