How To Become a Rich Person in The World

 How To Become a Rich Person in The World

How To Become a Rich
 How To Become a Rich

Prostituting on the hood of a Ferrari is not wealth.

That's one thing I'm sure of.

A stupid client I used to deal with bragged about this. A girl he slept with told me he was thinking with his cock and it was extremely small. I always liked his honesty with his former boss.

The guy did tricks on Aussie Hollywood Boulevard. It made no sense why he would spend financial wealth so badly that way. I think now I know why.

How to become the richest person in the world.

Disclaimer: This is not your default blog post. You are about to ride on a roller coaster.

Put your work quietly

Some people hate to be told what to do. One day, they simply walk into their boss's virtual Zoom office and resign. Their version of wealth is self-management. It's not for everyone, but it's damn good. I'm the proof.

Earn passive income

Enormous financial wealth comes from passive income. It's like a secret employee working for you while you sleep and performing paid tasks while you rest.

Have such a strange experience

Sometimes I think I have wealth. There are other days when I feel crushed in all areas of life.

Just like yesterday.

Sometimes I get offended - it's a kind of privilege. There are places in the world where you do not have time to be offended by a tweet because there is no running water unless you take a bucket halfway through the desert to get it.

There are different privileges. Often, people who throw the word after people, as an insult, stink most of it. So, a few weeks ago, I had a bad day. Nothing went well.

I ended up being mean to my wife. I should not admit it. However, there should be no surprises. My old boss warned me when I got married that the first year is the hardest. 

He painted a Picasso of Marriage beginning with the worst street graffiti you've ever seen.

"The first year is going to hurt, mate."

Marriage is when one tries to combine two different ways of looking at the world in one view that can make "couple legal decisions".

No amount of self-help books can prepare you. Marriage is difficult. Life is tough. As they say, choose hard.

I chose mine. It's hard, but I'm doing my best. Some days I turn out to be a husband out of the park. Some days I think, "Honey, can we press the reset button tomorrow?"

If I were to summarize my experience, I would say that marriage is a team sport. Instead of making decisions that only benefit yourself, make decisions that support and please your teammate.

So I made a difficult decision that I never thought I would make. I stopped preventing my wife from owning a bike.

Bicycles are his freedom machine.

She will walk down the path next to the Yarra River with the breeze on her face and her hair waving all over like a puppy with her head out the window.

I protested for too long. Why?

The woman's death. Many of my former bank colleagues cycled to the office. More than half of them had been in car accidents.

The most common type of accident is when a person in a car opens the door without looking. Cyclists driving right next to a row of parked car doors can be hung. With enough speed, it can seriously injure them.

Then there is the motorcycle incident.

My brother took a leisurely stroll through the countryside on his motorcycle with his best friend. 

His friend had also recently bought a motorcycle. He was dating a young Asian woman. She loved motorcycles and was in her apprenticeship.

They climbed a well-known mountain in Melbourne. They felt free and as if they could do anything. They were all at the beginning of their careers with their whole lives ahead of them. 

My brother's best friend even told him later that he was considering putting a ring on this one and starting a family. The book with baby names was even their nocturnal reading. So cute.

This mountaineering is not as easy as it seems. The roads twist and turn. They look like the roads you see in a James Bond movie on a car chase through Europe. Many roads have hairpin bends. 

You can not see what's around the corner. As the afternoon wore on and the scorching sun fried their necks, something strange happened.

With my brother at the helm and his best friend right behind them, they had lost the third member of their pilot team.

They thought she had to get stuck behind a slow car, so they waited patiently. She did not show up. They both had a sick feeling in their stomachs. They went back along the road to find her.

That was when they saw the worst possible event …

Cars piled up. People walking up the paths ran in all directions. In front of them stood a car. A few meters away lay a Suzuki motorcycle.

And so not far away was the body of a beautiful woman with her whole life ahead of her.

A large 4x4 came around the corner and did not see her. She swung in panic and her bike slid across the ground and directly under the car. I can not give you more information than that because I asked my brother not to tell me the bloody details he likes to give so much in these unimaginable situations.

I will let you use your imagination to think about what it would look like if you are such a person.

This accident haunted me. Telling his parents abroad is one of the hardest things my brother's best friend has ever had to do. 

Fortunately, he found love again, but this experience never left him.

Thoughts like …

  1. "What if she had more experience?"

  2. "How about we ride closer together?"

  3. "What if she was in the middle of the herd?

Or even worse: "What if we had not been out driving that day and I had never encouraged her to buy a motorcycle?" The death spiral of assumptions never helps.

Now you know why my wife's death after a bicycle accident scares me. I wish I could tell you that this is my only story. It is not. 

I have many stories of motorcycle and bicycle accidents. Why am I telling you all this? What does wealth have to do with it?

Well, what you just read are some thoughts I've had recently. They have made me believe that I am doing my best. They remind me that one day I will die and make the most of it.

These thoughts bring self-awareness.

  1. They reveal the truths of life that can save your life.

  2. Self-awareness is the greatest wealth of all.

  3. It helps you know when to lose your life. It helps you learn when your ego gets too big. It helps you deal with tragedies. It helps you analyze your life to look for learning.

  4. Practice self-awareness by reflecting often to experience true wealth.

Do this on your schedule

Reject each meeting for the next week. Then you will experience temporal wealth. The only problem is that it is addictive. You can never run your life after a calendar again. Do not say I did not warn you :)

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